Centrifugal Blower Maintenance Instruction

Following Are the Steps that Describes Centrifugal Blower Maintenance

  • It is recommended to make sure at regular intervals, i.e. every four months, that all bolts are firmly tightened Special attention shall be paid to the fastening screw of the impeller on the motor shaft.
  • it is advisable to constantly verify the impeller to ensure that it is kept clean. If material, dust, greasy substances etc. are allowed to build up on the rotor, it will become unbalanced, thereby causing damage to the driving members and/or electric motor. When cleaning the rotor, make sure you thoroughly clean every single part; residues left in confined spots may cause more unbalancing than a uniform layer of dirt.
  • If the impeller is encrusted, clean it carefully in all its parts. Use a metal brush and an aspirator to remove all the material.
  • If it is necessary to remove the impeller, act as follows: - Loosen the bolts (or nuts) intended to fasten the nozzle to the fan side and remove it. - Remove the screw and the washers intended to fasten the impeller to the motor shaft. Use an extractor to remove the impeller from the shaft. - Act in the reverse order for the assembly.
  • The electric motors assembled on the fans require no special maintenance since the bearings are lubricated for life;
  • In a fan, the only programmed maintenance operations concern the lubrification of bearing (if these are not proof) and the verification of the corrected tention of the belts. Lubrication


  • The ACF fan blocks contain bearings provided with a grease cup; ACF delivers the fans already adequately lubrificated and ready for operation. The lubrication times tfa for radial ball bearings, tfb for straight roller bearings and tfc for revolving roller bearings can be drawn from diagram (page 53) as a function of the rotational speed n of the bearing and of the diameter d of is hole. The diagram is valid for bearings of horizontal shafts and in the presence of normal loads. It can be applied to good quality lithium greases at a temperature not higher than 70°C. Because of the rapid ageing of the grease following an increase in temperature, we recommend to halve time intervals every 15°C increase in the working temperature of the bearing, but still without never exceeding the maximum admissible temperature for the grease (see the table).
  • ACF recommends using grease of the type: SKF LGEP 2;
  • If the block or support is protected by a guard, make sure that you replace the protective plastic plugs in the openings providing access to the grease cups.
  • ACF fans are dimensioned so to guarantee a bearing life of 20.000/30.000 hours of continuous operation. However this warranty is valid only for drives calculated and installed at our factory

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