SYMBIOSIS Air Washer And Wet Ventilation Systems

SYMBIOSIS Air Washer And Wet Ventilation Systems

  • As Water is evaporated , energy is lost from the air thus reducing temperature.The standard impeller is aluminium.
  • Evaporation will take place when the Humidity is below 100% and the air begins to absorb water. Any given volume of air can hold a certain amount of water vapour and the degree of absorption will depend on the amount it is already holding.
  • Energy is required to change water from liquid to vapour. This energy is obtained in an Adiabatic process from the air itself Air entering SYMBIOSIS Air washer gives up heat energy to evaporate water. During this process, the dry bulb temperature of the air passing through the cooler is lowered.
  • On a normal summers day temperatures in factories, warehouses and on particular mezzanine floors can rise well in excess of 30° C, resulting in unpleasant working conditions which can have an effect on morale, absenteeism, production and ultimately productivity.
    For these type of applications conventional air conditioning systems are prohibitively expensive, leaving evaporative cooling as the only viable alternative.
  • In SYMBIOSIS Evaporative Cooling System, a pump circulates water from a reservoir tank to the top of absorbent cooling pads.
    The pads become saturated with water as the water descends by gravity back into the tank. Powerful SYMBIOSIS Centrifugal fan draw warm air from outside through the wet pads.As the air passes through the pads it is cooled by evaporation and the cooled air is then circulated around the building.
  • Wet Ventilation is particular suitable for commercial and industrial applications, where compressor-type air conditioning is prohibitively expensive. Quick and easy to install, SYMBIOSIS Air Washers are fitted to the exterior of the building, either on the roof, the sidewalls or at ground level. A system of ductwork and air diffusers is then used to channel the cool air to where it is needed.
SYMBIOSIS Evaporative Type Air Washer Units / Wet Ventilation Systems consists of following Components / Modules.

Prefabricated Wet Ventilation Chamber / Civil Constructed Chamber as per Our DesignInlet Bird Screen

  • Inlet Screen Louveres
  • Intel Miro V Pre Filters
  • Primary Micro V Filters
  • Secondary Micro V Filters
  • Evaporative Cooling Pads
  • Mist Eliminators
  • Centrifugal DIDIW Fan /Axial Flow Fan
  • Ducting
  • Outlet Louveres
  • Fasteners / Gaskets
  • Air Tight Doors

Water distribution system with Sump & Spray piping, Instrumentation like Manometers / Hygrometers / Thermometers

Advantages of SYMBIOSIS Air Washer Unit/Wet Ventilation System
  • Very high efficiency (upto 90%)with 'Cellulose Paper' Cooling pads & Negligible System maintenance.
  • Huge savings in the power consumption bills-Low running cost - approx. 1/8th as compared to that of the Central Air Conditioning of the same area.
  • The power consumption in Evaporative Cooling Type system is approx. 25% of conventional spray type system .
  • No Water carry-over problem due to provision of Well Designed Mist Eliminators.
  • Customer friendly - Totally compact prefabricated unit from factory available or Civil Constructed at Site.
  • Very economical- approx.-1/3rd Capital Cost as compared to that of Air Conditioning of the same area Uses 100% fresh filtered air unlike Conventional Air Conditioning that recycles the same stale air.
Application area of SYMBIOSIS Air Washer Units/Wet Ventilation Systems
  • Engine Cooling Applications
  • Textile Texturizing
  • Green House Ventilation
  • Mandir / Masjid Complexes
  • Hospitals
  • Shopping Complex
  • Malls
  • Textile TFO
  • Offices
  • Power Plant
  • Marriage Halls
  • POY Plants
  • Conference Halls
  • Banks
  • Printing Press
  • Embroidery Machine Rooms
  • Poultry Farms
  • Generator Room Cooling
  • Breweries
  • Showrooms