Main Component Of Air Washer

Main Component Of Air Washer

The Cabinet

SYMBIOSIS Air Washer made in single skin or double skin cabinets/housings feature  :

  • The total assembly is mounted on a horizontal member of heavy galvanized steel channel with die cast Aluminum Corners for joining them together with lifting holes on all corners.
The Panels
  • We have special software to design the panels for standard Air Washers, to suit the site conditions for easy assembly.
  • The Panels are fixed to the rugged frame work made of aluminum section / G.I. Section with special imported fasteners / nut surts. The cabinet is airtight using self adhesive tapes and gaskets.
Inspection Windows / Doors

SYMBIOSIS Air Washers have proper accessibility for regular maintenance through hinged service doors.




The standard pre-filters are made of G.I. / Aluminium construction having efficiency 90% down to 70 micron. Depends on application the fine filters of various efficiencies also can be provided.

Cellulose Pad

The Cellulose pads are of imported origin of Vapur+ make and are designed for maximum saturation efficiencies, being having large Air to surface contact area in 7mm flute size and 45° x 45° flute angle

Cellulose Pad

Water Tank

The water tank is made of mild steel (MS) or stainless steel (SS) with anti corrosive coatings (FRP/EPOXY) and are designed for easy access for periodic cleaning.

Pipes & Pipe fittings

The pipe and other fittings like gate valve, Y-stainers,float valve are of reputed make or of imported origin.

The Fan Motor & Drive set

SYMBIOSIS  offers fan in Centrifugal type backward curved design & Axial Flow Types , statically and dynamically balanced with low noise levels and high efficiency from 300mm dia to 2500mm dia.