SYMBIOSIS Centrifugal Blower and Fans

SYMBIOSIS Centrifugal Blower and Fans

We are from SYMBIOSIS Blower.

SYMBIOTIC to Your Process . Your Machines.

SYMBIOTIC to your Air Handling Designs & Air Movement Ideas.

Think of Air. Think of SYMBIOSIS.

USHA DIE CASTING INDUSTRIES Manufactures SYMBIOSIS Centrifugal Blower & Fans since Year 1999 in all prominent Aerodynamic Designs like

  • Backward Curved Aerofoil Type 
  • Backward Curved Type
  • Backward Inclined Type
  • Radial Bladed Type
We can Design / Mfg Fans for a maximum capacity of
  • Flow : 9,50,000 M3/Hr 
  • Static Pressure : 2000 Mmwc
  • Inlet Temperature : 550 DegC
We Offer Industrial Blowers & Fans in 
  • Single Width Single Inlet  ( SWSI ) Type 
  • Double Width Double Inlet ( DWDI ) Type
Confirming to all AMCA notified Standards for
  • Drive Arrangement
  • Inlet Box Positions for Centrifugal Fans
  • Designations of rotation & discharge of centrifugal fans
  • Motor Positions for Belt Drive Centrifugal Fans
Construction Classes for
  • Class 1 ( Lightest Construction suitable only for Low Speeds )
  • Class2
  • Class3
  • Class4
  • Class5  ( Heaviest method of Construction for High Speed )
Our Fans are designed for all AMCA notified Drive and Impeller Support Types. 
  • Direct Driven Type
  • V Belt Driven Type
  • Direct Coupling Driven through Shaft
  • Cantilever Impeller Arrangements
  • Simply Supported Type Impeller Mounting 
Key Construction Features of SYMBIOSIS Blowers
  • Casting Thickness of Heavy Gauge Construction with adequate Flat Stiffeners all around resulting in Rigid Structural Design for Casing which Guarantees performance in Harsh environments & conditions
  • Continuously welded housings offer strongest possible construction.
  • Impeller construction is optimized based on proven Engineering calculations and analysis. High Strength materials selected for high stress applications with experience to provide Impeller Hub Design in Welded / Flanges & Bolted / Taper Lock Arrangement / Parallel  Bore / Taper Machined Bore types.
  • Shaft Machining done between Centers and Tolerances maintained as per ISO Std.
  • Bearing selected based on Speed, Type of Drive, Operational Loads, Temperature, Application and customer inputs if required for maximum life and trouble free operation.  Bearing Locators & Reference fit-up points provided in all Fans for future maintenance requirements.
  • Motors selected based on starting method and with adequate margin over and above operating duty point. Efficiency Levels Offered as per customer requirements. Motor Alignment System with Pads, Shims, Bolts provided for all Indirect driven Fans.
  • Casing to Shaft Entry point sealing provided for Process fans .
  • Taper Lock Pulleys of reputed Brands provided for ease in maintenance and inventory. Couplings selected depending on the type of loads, torque requirement, maintenance setup at customer site.
  • Extended Insulated Plug Construction designed for very high temperature fans upto 500 Deg C
  •  Impeller / Wheel Statically Balanced & finally Dynamic Balanced on CNC Machines as per ISO 1940-1
  • Number of Accessory options available for variety of customer applications. Guards, Covers, Heat Sinks, Dampers, Metallic & Flexible Bellows /
  • Connectors, Drains, Inspection Spouts, Gaskets, Monitoring instrumentation, Bird Screens, Louver's, Inlet Filters, Drains, Anti Vibration Mounts, Matching Flanges, Application specific painting, Abrasion resistant construction  etc.
  • Detailed Operation & Maintenance Manual provided along with TESTED OK Report of Factory QA Dept for Constructional & Performance Testing ( wherever  applicable) .
  • Impregnable / Plastic  Wrap with appropriate Wooden Box, Pipe Frame packaging provided  for National / International Cargo.
  • We Offer complete range of Centrifugal Fan / Blower Sizes & Impeller Designs which allow us to meet all Industrial Air Movement requirements. Our Success is based on our Engineering, Experience, Broad Product range, Quality Assurance & Guaranteed After sale  Service & Technical support.
SYMBIOSIS Blower Accessories Options
  • Matching Flanges
  • Inlet or Outlet Dampers - Parallel Blade or Opposed Blade
  • Variable Inlet Vanes (Viv's) to Control Fan Performance
  • Guide Vanes and Flow Straighteners
  • Silencers or Noise Attenuators
  • Inlet Filters for Dusty Environment
  • Inlet Boxes to Replace Inlet Elbows in Tight Situations
  • Shaft Seals - Types: Friction, Double Lip, Mechanical, Stuffing Box, Stuffing Box With Gas Purge, Contact less
  • Cooling Fins in Cast Aluminium for Heat Dissipation
  • Actuators and Positioners - Pneumatic or Electrical
  • Flexible Connections - to Reduce Vibration Transmission
  • Inlet And Outlet Transitions
  • Anti-Vibration Mounts - Spring or Rubber-In-Shear
  • Safety Mesh Guards for Open Inlet or Outlet
  • Lagged or Cladded Casings for Noise / Heat Reduction
  • Split Casings to Facilitate Transport, Impeller & Shaft Removal
  • Anti-Sparking and Explosion Proof Construction
  • Outlet Evase' to Reduce Velocity for Static Regain
  • Variable Speed Control to Vary Fan Performance
  • Wear Liners/Plates, Hard Facing or Thermal Lining for Abrasive Conditions
  • Bearing & Condition Monitoring Equipment
  • Backward Withdrawal for Easy Access to Impeller
1. Direct Driven Type SYMBIOSIS Blowers 

2.Coupling Driven Type SYMBIOSIS Blower

3. V Belt Driven Type SYMBIOSIS Blowers

4. Special Construction SYMBIOSIS Blowers

5. Impellers