SYMBIOSIS Fume Exhaust and Ventilation Systems

SYMBIOSIS Fume Exhaust and Ventilation Systems

  • SYMBIOSIS offers extensive FUMES EXHAUST SYSTEMS to cater to HSE requirements of manpower working in Dusty / Hazardous / Toxic Fumes and Smoke area for Industrial as well as Commercial environments.
  • FES is installed to confine fumes and other toxic gases / unburnt particles which are generated through various Industrial / Commercial manufacturing – preparation processes.
  • SYMBIOSIS Offers Highly Efficient and Well Engineered systems which are effective and compliant within Pollution control norms.
  • The System is designed considering the area to be exhausted, number of points of fumes generation, rate of fumes generation, available space for hoods / ductings, locations for ID Fans for complete system extraction or planning for smaller extractions through localised hoods and smaller ID Fans etc.
  • The process is studied and site visits made for proper understanding of HSE requirements / worker issues / recovery requirements etc. A total solution is designed keeping all of the above in mind.


SYMBIOSIS Kitchen Ventilation Systems

SYMBIOSIS Kitchen Ventilation systems specialises in the treatment of air from kitchens. [1]  Kitchen ventilation presents the problems of grease, smoke and odours not usually found in other ventilation systems.SYMBIOSIS Equipments used in Kitchen Ventilation uses an Extractor Hood or Canopy and a Filtering system. The fan for the ventilation system may be located within the kitchen / in the duct system nearby and also if required far away from the kitchen as per site conditions.

Results achieved by SYMBIOSIS

SYMBIOSIS partners with you and

  • removes cooking fumes at the source, i.e. as close to the cooking equipment as possible
  • removes excess hot air and introduce incoming cool clean air so that a comfortable environment is achieved. Inadequate ventilation can cause stress, contributing to unsafe systems of work and high staff turnover.
  • ensure that the air movement in the kitchen does not cause discomfort
  • provide sufficient air for complete combustion at fired appliances, and prevent the risk of carbon monoxide accumulating
  • be easy to clean, avoiding the build-up of fat residues and blocked air inlets which lead to loss of efficiency and increase risk of fire
  • be quiet and vibration free
  • Temperature: 25 °C in the winter and 29 °C in the summer, with a maximum difference with the outside temperature of 5 °C
  • Relative humidity: approximately 70%
  • Air velocity: less than 0.5 m/s (0.3 m/s in refrigerated areas)
Kitchen ventilation design
    The main factors considered by SYMBIOSIS when designing a Kitchen Ventilation system are:

  •  Workload of the kitchen
  • Amount, type and power of cooking equipment used
  • Layout and shape of the kitchen
  • Number of staff working in the kitchen
  • The need for easy cleaning and maintenance
  •  Energy efficiency