Kitchen Exhaust System

Kitchen Exhaust System

Kitchen Scrubber is an air washer with refinement device which is used for cleaning kitchen fumes. The kitchen fumes are drawn from the kitchen hood through duct and enter the scrubber and flow horizontally. Considering the other scrubber designs, Symbiosis scrubbers have very low pressure drop and has maximum scrubbing efficiency.

Symbiosis manufactures the wet type kitchen scrubbers, which are available in single skin metallic housing, accommodating aluminum/GI pre metallic filter, intake louvers, double bank GI spray headers with brass/PVC spray nozzles and PVC water eliminator. The unit is further complimented by SISW/DIDW centrifugal fan (fan section) to draw fumes through the scrubber and letting out relatively clean air. The water is re circulated by a pump through sump strainer. The scrubber internals can also be fixed in the masonry housings along with centrifugal/axial fans.


Kitchen Exhaust System

SYMBIOSIS Offers efective, silent Industrial Kitchen Exhaust Systems.

This includes concept, layout, design, equipment selection, manufacture, erection, commissioning of kitchen fumes exhaust systems as per heat load requirements.

Blowers for these systems are specially designed for extremely silent operations and low maintenence.

SYMBIOSIS is the preferred Brand for Large Industrial canteens, Restaurants, University Mess, Community Kitchens in INDIA.


Kitchen Exhaust Hood

KITCHEN EXHAUST HOODS FABRICATED FROM GI  /  SS materials of construction with Oil Drip Filters.

Reputed restaurents are using SYMBIOSIS Kitchen Exhaust Hoods for their ventilation systems along with SYMBIOSIS Brand Blowers  / Ducts and ventilation accesories.

We have expertise in calculating and recommending appropriate system for your restaurent kitchen ventilation system.

Backed by leading ventilation experts we can deliver you complete solution right from concept to execution.